Some of my work. Less UI-centric stuff is on Github and GitLab.

Fissara – Workforce scheduling and management


Mobile app for the Fissara system. Comprises a large number of features:

  • Scheduling and on-demand job creation
  • Asset and site management
  • Fault/issue tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Form data collection
  • Document management
  • Lone worker safety monitoring

Rectify – Low-friction rental property maintenance


Rectify allows tenants to report problems with their rental property with minimal fuss. Tenants take pictures and describe the problem, and then receive updates and follow-up questions as it’s handled.

Property managers also benefit by spending less time chasing up issues, and can manage and track issues through a web-based workflow.

Formul8 – Complete form solution


A data collection solution for businesses.

  • Create forms in the web-based management console
  • Provision them to workers in the field
  • Receive completed forms as soon as they’re submitted, and export the data to a variety of formats

Tracer – GPS route logger


Tracer was an experiment in building a cross-platform app using web technologies.

It ran on the (now defunct) Firefox OS, and in the browser as a progressive-web-app. Features included:

  • Ability to record tracks and view history on a map
  • Fully offline operation
  • Server-less synchronisation between devices using couchDB

Huf-SixSense – Prototype vehicle access/authorisation system


Prototype for an app-based vehicle access/authorisation system. Users could control vehicle features via a secure link with an onboard receiver module.

The prototype was further developed into the Huf-SixSense product used by vehicle rental agencies.

Care@Home – Preventative care for outpatients


Demonstration app for preventative care of outpatients.

  • Record meals, activity and upload to server for analysis
  • Take pulse and blood oxygen readings via a Bluetooth-connected pulse oximeter.

Basking – Unofficial Grooveshark client


A client for the (now defunct) Grooveshark music service.

Basking allowed users to cache songs for offline playback, and integrated Grooveshark playlists into other music apps.

MAC Hopper – Privacy tool to interfere with passive WiFi tracking


While you’re walking around with your WiFi-enabled phone, it’s periodically searching for networks to connect to.

A number of advertisers, businesses and analytics companies have realised the value in tracking people using this information.

MAC Hopper periodically randomises the device’s WiFi MAC address to interfere with such tracking; Apple later adopted a similar strategy in iOS 8.

Further information is available in the project summary.

OMSApp – Secure password generator


A simple password generator for the Open Mobile Security Alliance.

Eclectic – STEREOMOOD music app


Eclectic was a 3rd-party app for the STEREOMOOD, a music streaming service whose main feature was to suggest music based on the user’s current mood. At peak, it had around 3500 active users.

BallPaper – Live wallpaper for Android


A physics-sim live wallpaper for Android. At its peak, BallPaper had over 25,000 active installations on the Play Store.